Kink Test Shoots Presents - Men VS Women - Which Wrestlers Get Fucked?

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Aug 27, 2010

nice one!

Device Bondage
Jul 30, 2010

This is one of the best shoots you have ever made, thank you. Felony was insanely awesome! Now I know this is a late post and I'm not sure if it will be read by Matt or anyone else at Kink, but I have one issue with this shoot. After reading through the comments, I learned there was a penetrating attachment (rotating phallus) on the machine that we the viewer had absolutely no clue was present. I think it would have enhanced the viewing experience if we were to watch this attachment at the initial insertion and/or ending removal so to be aware that this was a contributing factor to her incredibly intense orgasms. I believe the current context of the video is misleading because it leaves the impression that only clitoral stimulation alone was used with no penetration. I would have appreciated knowing something was rotating inside of Felony during her Device Bondage ordeal. Otherwise, it was a wonderful shoot, just wonderful.

Device Bondage
Apr 5, 2009

Sindee, DAMN GIRL!!! You are HOT! A beautiful body and a gorgeous face to match, not to mention the greatest squirter I've ever seen. You have turned me on like no other porn babe, thus I've just becum one of your biggest fans now. You certainly live up to you name because you most certainly put the 'Sin' in Sindee (you lustfully naughty little girl. you)...

Fucking Machines
Nov 21, 2008

Now, that was 'Great!'. I don't normally comment, but when you get a really good shoot that I really like then I figure I should let you know so that you will try to do more of the same in the future. You really got the 'Public' aspect in this shoot. I like lots of busy streets with cars and what not, and it was very close too, awesome!. This shoot Gets-It-Done! However, there were a few frustrating moments when the camera angle left the wonderful traffic out of the frame. If the camera was tilted just a couple of degrees higher the traffic would have been in view more often, but overall, you got plenty of the busy public streets to make this one of the best shoots.

Public Disgrace
Oct 10, 2008

Very good. Way to step it up with a new site. I think Sarah Jane has an AWESOMELY Cute Body. I'd love to see more of her for sure. There is only one little criticism (Yeah I know, everyone's a critic), but I find it a little disappointing when there are a large amount of cocks for a gang bang and only a few guys actually do the banging. You kept making the point there were 16 guys, but it seemed like only three or four did all the banging. The one guy with all the tats and condom seemed to do more than half banging anyway. This site is about humiliation, and in my opinion watching all the guys taking a turn (even someone yelling "next"), or something to that effect, would have increased the element of humiliation. You know, make her out to be more of a little f*** hole. That's just my humble opinion, and rip me if you think I'm out-of-line.

Public Disgrace
Mar 5, 2008

Truly a very SEXY girl!!! I'd watch her 100 times over and over again. I love her pretty face and slender body, it's the total package in my book. The cute timid geeky way about her puts it over the top. I'd love to see her just once totally let go and take a machine at full speed and see her go just crazy, perhaps the Intruder II. I don't know, just the thought of such a cute, shy, hot, beautiful nerdy girl letting a machine take her at full throttle would be INCREDIBLE, to say the least. Great job Isobel Wren, we most definitely want to see more of you (in more ways than just one)!!!

Fucking Machines
Feb 13, 2008

Hey rawb888, if she did then she would probably be some stuck-up aerobics-instructor cock-tease who would never consider doing porn in the first place! Thank you Harmony for the HOT scenes. You're as beautiful as you are naughtily sexy. Great job!

Fucking Machines