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Comments made by Adrian232

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Jul 13, 2010

This shoot was perfect. Exactly the kind of thing I want to see on this site. Madeline was a very unique and realistic bottom, and I love how James jumps in and takes control of her. Everything he does is right on par with my line of thinking. It was nice seeing Donna sit back and enjoy the show for a change. Oh and FYI - I love squirmers :)

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Apr 27, 2010

Great shoot. Juliette is very sexy, and mark is proven to be an excellent dom. It would be nice if we got better sound in some of these shoots. I know it is a public scene, but it is very hard to hear what they are saying in the restaurant.

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Jan 1, 2010

This one was more entertaining than it was sexy. Why do I give it a great, then? Because mark davis never quits. When a girl like sadie comes in swinging there are no holds barred and you can have your way with her 100% guilt-free. Thank you for giving her the rightly punishment she deserved!

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Feb 13, 2009

I liked the girl. It was very obvious that she was enjoying it practically the entire time. A few people were a bit too obvious that they were set up, but ultimately they were good. My main pet peeve is a good dom (or rather the lack of one), whereas he was doing good in the first half it seems he lost all creativity in the skate shop. I would have loved for him to rile up more interaction from the crowd instead of laughing, and more begging is always appreciated. :)

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Nov 21, 2008

I love Charlotte Vale, she has the perfect submissive mentality, and kind of reminds me of my ex even down to her physical features and expressions, which is kind of spooky but sexy at the same time. I loved her in TTOO and am so glad you got her to do one of the public gangbangs on this site. P.S. Vale looks infinitely better -without- makeup!

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Oct 8, 2008

Haha. I love how you just whip out a set of shackles from that Magic Bag of yours. Donna, you and I truly are a kindred spirit >;-)

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Oct 7, 2008

Valentina has got the cutest little smile throughout this whole film. I loved it! You need to do more parading the girls around with cum on their face and slut written across their chest. And the scene on the bus was unreal, they all loved the show!

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Oct 2, 2008

This set is the epitome of brilliance. You have managed to combine my two favorite sexual fetishes: d/s and exhibitionism. I never could have dreamed that this could be done so perfectly, let alone in such a very real setting. If this is just the beginning of what is to come, I truly cannot wait!

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