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Comments made by daniel20000

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Feb 21, 2009

All bang, with no girls in the gang. Appealing for some, I guess, but not for me. Last week, I was sorry that I had canceled and was waiting for my subscription to expire. This week, I'm glad.

Public Disgrace
Feb 15, 2009

Like others who have posted, I have canceled my subscription to this site and am waiting for it to expire. Like some others, I don't like "gang bangs." However, this is great stuff, and I don't consider it a gang bang -- which for me is a bunch of guys standing around fiddling with their erections while they wait to take their turns. The addition of other women as participants, the bondage elements, etc. add the elements that make this public humiliation and not just public sex. Now I'm beginning to wish I hadn't canceled. (By the ways, "answers," you had a good comment, but I would differ on a couple of points. I have preferred the indoor shoots to the outdoor ones, but it's not because I dislike the outdoor stuff per se. It seems to me that it is so difficult to shoot without landing everyone in the calaboose that it usually just doesn't come off. And the scenes of some guy fucking the babe while traffic goes by in the distant background really don't pack much erotic punch. In addition, the indoor/outdoor division doesn't seem as important to me as the public humiliation/public sex split. It would be fun to post some ideas about public humiliation in the Forum, and maybe I'll do that before my subscription goes away.)

Public Disgrace
Jan 31, 2009

Well, gee whiz! I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth. After all, from the standpoint of my own personal fetish panel and Peter Meter, this shoot is a great leap forward from those of recent weeks. Hotryan says he loves it when women in the crowd get involved. Me, too. (I suppose that babe in the red jacket is a ringer, but please don't tell me if she is. I love the way she jumps right in and starts abusing Ami's ass, so don't spoil the illusion.) However, the folks who plan these episodes are obviously convinced that the best way to visit public disgrace upon the weekly victim is to have some well-hung guy or guys fuck her in front of an audience, large or small. I know that there's a huge bunch of folks out there who are all for that, including many of your female subscribers. (You know who you are, ladies.) However, it seems to me that the brain trust doesn't include anyone who's really into humiliation. Fair enough, can't expect that, but haven't any of you guys read Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty novels? That series is practically the Bible of public humiliation, and most of the "good parts" don't really have any fucking or sucking at all. All this is incidental, though, to my real problem. Finally, here's a shoot that I want to download, and I can't. I can view it, but I can't download it. There used to be a feature that allowed you to download all the videos as zip files. That's gone away. I can't get the full movie to download either, and I don't want that anyway, since you can't fast-forward through those. It's probably just me and my computer illiteracy, but if I can't download the damn things, I'm out of here.

Public Disgrace
Jan 23, 2009

I like the concept of the public walk a lot, and I don't see how you could pull it off much better than you did this week without getting everyone arrested. However, I just didn't find it very stimulating (translation: no boner). So far as the rest of the shoot goes, I have to agree with many of the others who found the latest effort repetitious and boring. As is the case with all your sites, you've got a lot of folks with different fetishes clamoring for their own favorite stuff. You can't satisfy all the people all of the time, but I suspect there are many of us who think that CameronK27 hit it right on the head in his last two sentences. For much of your target audience, you may have the focus a little askew. Think "vicarious thrills" and take it from there.

Public Disgrace
Jan 17, 2009

Now just a darn minute, nature boys! Where do you get off trying to hijack this site? This site isn’t called Outdoor Public Disgrace or Indoor Public Disgrace; it’s just plan Public Disgrace. I’ve been publicly disgraced more than a few times myself (though not nearly as often as I’d like), and the vast majority of those delightfully humiliating events occurred indoors. I agree with you 100 percent that humiliation out on the street -- with folks walking past and gawking, etc. -- is a table-grade fetish, right up there with my favorite perversions. But it’s really tough to shoot. The photographer probably scares off on-lookers who might be more inquisitive. Maybe they’re afraid they’re going to wind up on Candid Camera grooving on some tied-up babe. And the majority of these porn versions of the perp walk really don’t do it for me…as much as I’d like for them to. On the other hand, there have been some indoor episodes on Public Disgrace that rang my chimes as much as anything I’ve ever seen on -- the final scene in the club shoot, the subbie-on-wheels opening sequence back at home base, the stuff around and on the table at the dinner party. These efforts may have been more stage-managed, but there is public humiliation to burn there. In hopes of more of those down the road, I am more than willing to stick around until Princess D. runs enough of those European episodes to amortize that trip. (How in the world did you talk the bean counters into that junket anyway?) So let’s don’t hear any more of these demands that we go off to look for another site. If some of you won’t settle for anything less than a total dose of the Great Outdoors, why don’t you see if you can round up some subscriptions to Field and Stream?

Public Disgrace
Jan 13, 2009

Well, lamruil, you are surely right that truly public scenes are an ideal goal for this site. However, you are wrong in suggesting that all of those who like more controlled environments are also in favor of "gang bangs." Far from it. As xanabota points out, Princess Donna's presence is the key to this site, and her domination of the sub in front of an audience -- small or large, public or semi-public -- is what makes the great scenes fly...not a bunch of clowns pumping away. I hope the site attempts more truly public scenes, but they are obviously very difficult, and many of the efforts just don't cut it. A sex scene in a semi-hidden location, with traffic going by in the background, is not that thrilling. And even in the best of the public attempts, the reaction of on-lookers obviously is affected by the presence of the camera -- Herr Heisenberg would never be uncertain about that. Mix 'em up, I say. Keep trying the true public stuff but alternate those shoots with more controlled environments.

Public Disgrace
Jan 9, 2009

I can imagine how tough it must be to set up and shoot these public scenes, but I'm not sure that many of them have really worked. And for me, public fucking -- though perhaps an attractive perversion in its own right for some folks -- just isn't the same as public humiliation. This shoot had its moments, but it's not anything I'd want to view a second time. Maybe more controlled environments like some of the scenes you've already used -- an open-minded club, a dinner party, a semi-public show -- are the best way to go. (I prefer the scenes where the humiliation is carried out by a dominatrix rather than a stunt cock or two or three or..., but I know that opinion varies widely on this point.) One good moment in this shoot came when the girl was left handcuffed to the rail, but when the guy came along, it was so immediately obvious that he was a porno pro that it sort of spoiled the mood. Maybe you could carry this theme a little further, as someone suggested earlier in a Forum posting, with a stripped and abandoned girl trying to find somewhere to hide, some clothes, etc. Very tough to shoot, no doubt, but the challenge might be fun in itself for your crew, and this sort of thing is a very interesting side fetish in the whole public-exposure bit.

Public Disgrace
Jan 7, 2009

As I said earlier, the first couple of scenes here -- particularly the bit with the cart -- get a 5-star rating from me...but a lot of folks obviously didn't like the shoot. Fair enough. Everyone has his or her particular perversions, and who am I to throw stones? However, I have to comment on the remarks about the on-lookers seeming uninterested and unresponsive at times. In my experience, that's how many people in such a situation actually do react...they don't want to display either a great interest or a great disgust. I know that they're Kink employees in this case, but I am assuming that most of them are not normally on-camera participants but rather technical or office personnel. True? If so, their reaction is just what I'd expect in such a situation. For me, watching the watchers as they react is one of the prime attractions in a public-humiliation situation -- even if the on-lookers appear blase and indifferent. (I mean, who is truly indifferent if they're looking at a babe with a hook up her ass?) One of the great moments on Public Disgrace came in that club shoot. One of the women who was watching was sitting a bit removed, showing occasional disdainful amusement but generally impassive, and then suddenly, she had her shoe off and was sticking her bare foot in Bella's mouth. Afterward, Bella said she got a big charge out of that moment. Me, too. At any rate, not to stray from the point, I thought the reactions here were just fine -- pretty true to life in my experience.

Public Disgrace
Jan 2, 2009

Despite the fact that the spectators were Kink employees, this shoot seemed to have a much more impromptu quality than those in which you run in the big-time cock-slingers. I recall the nightclub shoot in that New York series that ran on Wired Pussy; it had a great real-people vibe to it until the girl was led on a crawl through the crowd looking for a candidate for a blow job and found -- surprise! -- a guy who unhesitatingly dropped his jeans, revealed a 10-inch dick and proceeded to put on a sex show in which he obviously felt that he, not the young lady, was the star. I get that same sense in many of the shoots in this series. I am sure (absolutely) that a lot of folks eat that up (no pun intended), but not me. I also realize that there are not-so-little things like releases to be considered when you're dealing with the real public. But I still like the scenes that are not just semi-public sex shows but are more like true public humiliation. The closing spanking sequence in the recent club shoot on this site was great; so were the early scenes around and on the table in the dinner-party shoot. Ditto the early sequence in the Bobbi shoot. But that's just me I guess -- the things I like to see here are the perversions I enjoy myself. Obviously, other folks will like other strokes, but if you keep doing a few like this now and then, it'll be a great site for all us humiliation junkies.

Public Disgrace
Dec 30, 2008

Thanks, Jbage, for the heads-up on the Bobbi shoot. I had skipped looking at it earlier because I thought it was just a bunch of stunt cocks in action. It more or less deteriorated into that eventually, but that second scene was a classic.

Public Disgrace
Dec 29, 2008

I was interested in what bikergirl and goodgirl had to say. As with most of the sites, there is an amazing diversity of opinion here on what folks like to see. I had assumed, however, that there are two main fetish groups involved here: (1)those of us who have a taste for sexual humiliation ourselves and get a vicarious pleasure out of watching these alter egos, and (2) those who enjoy watching attractive women dominated and abused. However, I guess that the first group has to be divided into male and female, which helps explain why bikergirl and goodgirl like the forced sex and the gang bangs, which I don't even bother to watch. (I suppose there could be an even further division, with any gay guys in the male group tuning in to the gang bangs big-time.) It all makes it hard for the Princess to decide what to include. I still think this is a terrific idea for a site -- it's my favorite perversion -- and it is going to be interesting to see how these challenging public and semi-public shoots will continue to be handled. I prefer stuff like the club shoot and the dinner party. The on-the-street scenes could be good, but you have to face the fact that the presence of the cameraman changes public reactions...obviously, people think, "Oh, they're shooting a movie." I liked a couple of earlier suggestions for shoots -- one from Princess Donna about sending out a girl with an enema inside and one from a guy who wanted to see a girl stripped completely and abandoned. (More on the latter later, because that is a sub-fetish of which I am particularly fond. I have experienced it on a few occasions, and it is Panicsville at the time but the adrenalin/sex rush can't be beat.) Anyway, I ramble on way too long, but good luck to on this promising site.

Public Disgrace
Dec 26, 2008

A great idea for a site, but I'm not sure I agree with what constitutes public disgrace. For me, public sex is not the same as public humiliation. The recent club shot had some great stuff, but I'll pass on the scene of the guy peeling off his clothes and pumping away -- public sex, for sure, but not quite what's called for here (though I suppose it's great in the opinions of many. For me, the highpoint of the shoot was when that Japanese girl, who had seemed fascinated all evening, took the flapper paddle and delivered a couple of real stingers. That dinner party had its moments, too, when the girl climbed onto the table; she actually seemed humiliated instead of looking as if she were enjoying it. Beyond that, the real moments of humiliation in most of the shoots is when the girl is being led through the streets, even if she's mostly clothed. All just a matter of opinion, of course. I know these sessions must present some real filming challenges.

Public Disgrace