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Comments made by ladymain

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Oct 21, 2014

PD your re-cycling When you re-cycle you should make sure the cement's section is "cleared" 10/03/2008????

Public Disgrace
Dec 3, 2011

Pricess Donna I have been a menber since day one,can I say everyone of the shoots have been what I would like to see No. You are doing a great job of keeping the site inteesting and I believe Kink has some other sites that would be a better fit for some these coments. Annika is very hot women and her owner should very pleased wuth her preformance. I would enjoy see her again. Prince Donna you may want to review some of Milo Manara's work "CLICK 1-4",Buttersotch or The Adventires of Giuseppe Bergman you may find some ideas. Donna keep up the good work and do not let negetive coments influence you. For what it's worth you are doing a great job. To the negative comenters lihten up and maybe it would be a good idea for you to find another site.

Public Disgrace
May 2, 2010

Donnaa . This was a great a shoot anytime we get to see your amazeing rack is alway a plus. I agree with you what does Jbearsea expect there was alot of participation , I counted at least 4 women and 4 other men. Donna you are doing a great job and keep up the good work. Just remenber that you can't keep everyone happy all the time. Thanks for the site. And I will keep my subcription at the 6 months at time rate.

Public Disgrace
Feb 27, 2010

Happpy Birthday Princess Donna . You have "cum" along way Baby I remenber you on Sex & Submission. I will have to send you gift. The party is great. I was also wondering was that your Mom. You can tell where you get your good looks from.Looking forward to Part 2.

Public Disgrace
Feb 20, 2010

this party was great. I enjoy this site very much keep the partys "cumming" Only one item the slave who said and i quote " Fuck the members"??I have a suggestion turn her ober to Princess Donna for s lesson on how important the "members" are.

The Upper Floor
Feb 9, 2010

Great sceen. Holly is going to give Cherry a run for her position as lead slave on the Upper Floor. Shevon can take lessons from Holly on how to behave. I hope to see more of Holly. Princess Donna would have fun with Holly and she would be great on Public Disgrace.

The Upper Floor
Feb 1, 2010

Princess Donna , this shoot was good however I beleive you were loseing control of Amber. Amber is great howver it turned into more of a "gang Bang' then Public Disgrace. i think Amber would be great on the streets or in a bar. I loved her dirty talk on what she wanted and how she felt. Donna you still are #1 in my book. Just a note thanks for keeping Mark out of this shoot.

Public Disgrace
Jan 11, 2010

Donna ,you never disappoint me. I have been a nember since the cite came on line in Octoeber 2008. Hamony was as beautiful as ever , I really like the fact that she wears nice high heals during the entire shoot. the only suggestion I would have is that a leg spreader bar could have been used for the window scene along with maybe a butt plug? The train scene was great as well however it would have been nice to see beautifl Hamony bring herself off(solo)for the other riders. I hope to see more of Hamory on PD as one menber put it Princess Donna and Hamony make a dangerous combination.

Public Disgrace
Dec 21, 2008

I joined the site the first week and the sceense just keep getting better. I agree more audience participation would be great. Bella was baeutiful and I am a big Donna fan. Bella displaying her pussy to the bar was just great. Donna ust a suggestion I would like to see you tale Baeutiful Bella to a "Topless Bar" theres a stage. I bet yopu would get alot of audience help . Keep up the great work. Thanks Donna and Bella

Public Disgrace