hogtied presents Abella Danger in 3 Days of Danger. Day 2
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Comments made by Elgrangato

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Apr 6, 2015

Very poor update. Unattractive performer with annoyingly silly blue hair.

Hardcore Gangbang
Oct 17, 2014

Just cancelled my membership. No update this week and reruns just don't cut it.

Public Disgrace
Oct 3, 2014

Hahah I can tell by the post video intervire that Cameron did not like getting manhandled. Forgive me Cameron but knowing that you did not like getting dominated, made it that much more arousing.

Sex And Submission
Oct 3, 2014

What a beautiful specimen India is. Her stunning good looks defy age. Thanks for sharing her with us S&S

Sex And Submission
Oct 2, 2014

Guys, please take it easy with the grotesque guy in the red. His constant fondling of Haley just added to the objective of disgracing her. Obviously Haley did her best to play along and she needs to be commended for that. With that said, I am sure Haley is haunted by him to this day. Also the jerking off the strangers in the bathroom was pretty lame. Come on Princess Donna, show the ugly guys some love.

Public Disgrace
Sep 12, 2014

Dakota is cute as a button.Thanks Tommy, for getting her butthole squared up and gaped for the camera after a spanking barrage. Thank you too Dakota for supplying the anus.

Sex And Submission
Sep 7, 2014

I agree Franc about Bill Bailey. His Sex scenes are very good but as a Dom he is lacking. Maybe it was that Rilynn is too much woman for him in this scene because he did look out of place at times.

Sex And Submission
Sep 5, 2014

Rilynn is a treat. Tall, fit, feminine, flexible, very pretty and submissive. It would have been nice to see some anal play (fingers) and a little more degradation would have been nice. Maybe some dragging, rough hair pulling, hard re positioning. I bought membership to S&S just to see Rilynn, and she did not disappoint.

Sex And Submission
Sep 4, 2014

Wow, that was as close to an assraping as one can get. Beautifully done Mr. Pete and you are one lucky girl Carter.

Sex And Submission
Jul 21, 2014

St.Croix's best days are behind him. His ability to dominate his partner has apparently diminished as well as his aggressiveness. Belle shined and made a very poor shoot worth watching. Hope to see her soon and often. Only this time with better quality,more skilled partner(s).

Sex And Submission
Jun 28, 2014

What a beautiful Girl. Claire is so sweet looking and would easily pass for a schoolteacher or hot office worker. The oral attack followed by the anal attack was brutal to watch. Thanks for such a beautiful example of sex and submission.

Sex And Submission
Mar 7, 2014

Wow, Amanda is every guy's wet dream. She has girl next door good looks but looks so much better under duress. I wonder how good she would look while having her cute little butthole flogged and zapped.

The Training Of O
Nov 15, 2013

Waited a week for an update. Disappointing!

Sex And Submission
Apr 19, 2013

Amy is an angel. The femur head up her ass as well as the neck tie tail totally degrading and very creative. I would have added a 2 or 3 prong illuminated anal speculum to the scene then used the hose to wash out her rectum while it was held open.

Everything Butt
Sep 12, 2012

fantastic video for a first timer. Maybe a little more forced degredation like making her lick a few buttholes, armpits and some forced toe sucking would have pushed it over the top. A more creative finish like all 5 guys cumming in her hair, spitting in it and rubbing it in her pretty face.

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