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Comments made by steveh

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Apr 20, 2016

It was so much fun to shoot with one of my favorite Russian girls in Budapest. She really has no limits.

Public Disgrace
Oct 17, 2015

@tbmornel: Please double-check the bar scene. It was completely public. Not just because of the guests in the bar, but there were huge windows and everybody from the street could look inside. Some of the people from the street got intrigued and joined the indoor crowd.

Public Disgrace
Jun 3, 2015

@Ronkar --- I was very happy with Satrina and I'm looking forward to shoot with her again. I understand that different people have different taste. You might like other girls better who I shot as well.

Public Disgrace
May 31, 2015

This was one of the most spontaneous shoots I've ever produced for PD since 2008. That band and cute singer saw us on the street and just loved what we are doing. Then they invited us to their show and we had great fun together.

Public Disgrace
May 28, 2015

@Ronkar --- We do whatever we can and this was a really cold day. That's why I didn't have the girls outdoors for to long

Public Disgrace
May 2, 2015

@torretxt......Mona is coming to visit me in Europe for as many shoots as possible. But I'm sure you will also enjoy some of my other partners. Stay tuned. - Steve Holmes

Public Disgrace
May 1, 2015

It was such great experience to have Mona with me in Spain. I hope you guys like the shoot. - Steve Holmes

Public Disgrace
Jan 5, 2015

Happy new year to everybody. I have enjoyed to be part of the production since many years and I hope I can entertain you in the future again. Of course I know the girls are always the center of attention. Steve Holmes

Public Disgrace
Oct 17, 2014

Dear badmare, here is Steve Holmes and I'm happy you liked it. We had great fun shooting it.

Sex And Submission
Oct 17, 2012

Who ever doesn’t like this shoot can blame it on me (Steve Holmes). It was my first shoot as a guest director for PD in a city I’ve never been before, with a team I’ve never worked before and they never worked with my equipment. It seems everybody liked our later shoot (with Omar Galanti and Carol Vega, posted on Sep 14, 2012). I still like this one too, especially the situation when Omar and Cristal ran into the group of black guys in the park and when they fucked next to the bullfighting arena and people walked by and watched. NOTHING was staged.

Public Disgrace
Sep 19, 2012

It was great to shoot with Carol Vega. She was so open and enthusiastic to try new thinks and of course beautiful. And it’s always a pleasure to shoot with my dear friend Omar. Let’s not forget our local Spanish team which made it possible. Thank you Donna to give me the chance to guest-direct this shoot for Public Disgrace. And thanks to all of the posters above for your positive feedback. Steve Holmes

Public Disgrace
Jul 7, 2012

I like Lilly and she is a good little cocksucker but it was her task to struggle in this scene and I think she did a great job.

Bound Gang Bangs
Mar 20, 2011

Sarah and Emma were so wonderful to play with. Just another good day at the armory. Whoever wonders about my accent. It's German. I speak some French but very poorly.

Sex And Submission
Aug 27, 2010

It was a lot of fun to be on the streets again for PD.

Public Disgrace
Jun 12, 2010

Thank you all and especially "DAlice". That was my last scene for Sex & Submission on my latest trip to the armory and it was with one of my favorite girls. Who can't fall in love with Aurora Snow? It's always great to work with Marty and his team. They are very creative but still give us room to experiment with our own ideas. (I hope that is correct English) - Steve Holmes

Sex And Submission