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Comments made by emielo

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Mar 1, 2010

Great shoot, especially the first part where Uma gets nude and ordered around. The space was small and there was a lot of noise from traffic. But it was a very public place hardly to to be exceeded. The noise from traffic might lead to the relative seclusion of parks. There are lots of perks around Berlin with water to play in as well. Uma said on camera that she would like to do more in Parks. Would she consider some kind of doggieplay in the park, maybe together with Aliz? I always liek the interviews as well because it's nice to hear and see the girl with clothes on and then we can fantasize how she would look naked. Thank you for this excellent shoot.

Public Disgrace
Feb 28, 2010

I loved the dogshoot in the park a lot. Aliz seemed to enjoy it by the look of her face and I admit that was very nice and sexy to see. This scene in the park made me join the site. Don't you ever get in trouble with authorities or people from the public? I would like to see more outdoor dogplay and have some ideas about them. Would you consider them? 1. let the girl fetch a ball that is thrown with one of those throwers you can buy to play with your dog. You have to do this on a wide open field to get enough space. The girl can run towards the ball on her legs so she can run really fast. She picks up the ball with her mouth and crawls back to her master/mistress on all fours. There can be a game with a master and a mistress. As a reward she might be allowed to suck cock or lick pussy or ass. 2. Another game is to throw a stick in the water. This could be done by a pond, little lake, not to deep but enough to get wet or being able to swim(you can swim in shallow water). 3. Would you consider shooting these in colder weather to enhance a bit of shivering for a short while? Thank you for your exciting shoots!

Public Disgrace
Feb 25, 2010

I like the sequence in this shoot. First getting Charlotte in the room with clothes on and being interviewed then getting undressed and into these metal stocks. I also liked the scene with Charlotte in the cage a lot. Many people wrote about Charlottes figure and I like her face and her womanly curves too. I always keep coming back to one of Kink's sites because the models are special and the creativity (scenes, stories)is better than on most other sites I think.

The Training Of O
Feb 24, 2010

I liked Sasha a lot, especially her face and figure. Please more from her (4 days training?)and girls like her.

The Training Of O
Nov 8, 2008

Dear Princess &crew, I like what you are doing and like the fact that you will do some more shoots this month. Will you do them in Hungary again?I also like to see Sabrina. Can we see more of her here and on other sites?(the training of O for instance) I appreciate the outdoor shooting. It doesn't have to be in the city, the countryside is also good. You can shoot in parks, forests or agricultural fields. The use of mud, sand and the weather comes to mind (rain, snow, mud)as part of the public humiliation. Some shoots have more pictures than other ones, why is that? I have to say is doing a good job in exploring all kinds of sexual lifestyle, keep up the good work!

Public Disgrace
Feb 13, 2008

Sarah and Donna both have great figures. I liked the part where Donna spits on Sarah. It was not a rough kind of spit like spitting in somebody's face. It was a subtle kind of spitting that Sarah submissively received. She might say thank you princess Donna if it had been a shoot where Sarah was the submissive for the entire film but here it was great to see. I always think it's amazing that people can receive these canings withut really breaking dowm but I suppose you have developed your techniques. emiel

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